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The Story of Slug

Slug Jeans was founded after I spent hours everyday searching for quality jeans with the fit and design I wanted, and never found any. So I decided to make my own. I learned to sew & embroider, designed patterns with the fit and style I wanted, and started making my own jeans.


People liked them, I gave some to friends, and word spread. I decided to start a business and make them for others. My first drop of 10 pairs of handmade jeans was in June 2020 and they sold out quickly. I kept sewing and had a shorts drop and another drop of jeans. Demand grew, the business got bigger, and I realized I couldn't keep up sewing them all myself. I researched manufacturers and worked closely with one so they had the exact measurements, design, and quality that I wanted. I designed more jeans, designed a custom hoodie, and continued to gain support. 


I've been so humbled and excited by all the support I've received - thank you. I have so many design ideas that I can't wait to share with you all. 

When you support Slug Jeans you are supporting a small (but growing), independent business. We care about quality and want you to love our products. Send us your feedback, follow us on socials, spread the Slug.

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